Thursday, June 30, 2016

Geeks Mania

OMG what fantastic fun we had.   I had a whole room full of pinball machines.



Shake of the day!

I had 3 rolls to get 5 threes. My last roll I got 3 threes.

Dan had to roll sixteen threes… And did it!

The bonus was that we got to hang out in the air conditioned bar and have a cold beer on a hot summer day.  Thank you Montello


IAT – John Muir Segment

While on a fantastic camping weekend we hit up another IAT segment. I was a quick 2 mile loop but it was a perfect opportunity for Dan and I to introduce our great friends and their kids to the IAT.    I was a blast!

John Muir grew up in this area of Wisconsin.




Camping at Winderness campground

We had a wonderful weekend with fantastic friends.  Kids all had fun (mostly until Emma broke her leg on the inflatable).  Adults had fun. Great Food, Cold Drinks, and a lot of laughs.


We went camping!


What a great time